HaloMods Rules

Make sure you come here and just look over the rules a bit before posting... or you might just end up with a fitting ban after doing something that breaks our rules.
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HaloMods Rules

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Halomods Forums -- Rules and Regulations

Welcome to HaloMods! To make your stay here and enjoyable one, please read these rules before you post on the forums! There is no excuse for breaking rules, it is your responsibility to know, understand and abide by them.

As well as these Do's and Do-Not's, there are other informal rules of basic forum etiquette which you are expected to follow. The staff have the final say, and can interpret rule-breaking as they see fit. Show common sense and courtesy, and so will we.

Modding game data on Xbox Live, admitting to have done it, or helping others to do so is strictly against HaloMod's rules. It is also against Bungie's rules, and Microsoft's Terms of Service.
The posting of copyrighted content is strictly forbidden, this includes, but is not limited to; .map files, bitmaps, sounds and models from any game, be it Halo, Halo 2 or Halo 3.

Do not..
  • Discuss or link to anything related to TDATA modding on the Xbox or Xbox 360.
  • Flame any user, or any content. Constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged, flaming is not.
  • Post or discuss any leaked files.
  • Spam topics. This includes advertisements, such as websites, or just posting something with little or no purpose.
  • Overuse emoticons, line breaks, giant fonts or capitals. This applies to subject titles as well.
  • Abbreviate every word you possibly can, use good English and Grammar, to the best of your ability.
  • Post hacks or cheats for any version of Halo.
  • Rip content from other people's work without proper credit.
  • Post anything minors shouldn't see. HaloMods is designed to be a place for users of all age. Refrain from swearing, posting pornographic material or anything else offensive/vulgar.
  • Discuss things which are illegal. (Warez, drugs, etc)
  • Make unwarranted contact with any member. If they ask you to stop PMing or emailing them, you need to stop. Don't continue to harass them.
  • Double post, where possible. Use the edit button.
  • Bump old topics. Topic creators must wait 5 days before bumping their own topics.
  • Decompile other peoples work, be it for personal use or not. It's not acceptable without permission.
  • Take matters into your own hands. If you think a post is somehow in violation of any rules, REPORT it. Do not reply to the topic complaining. That's spamming.
  • Discuss Religion or Politics without prior approval from the Staff.

  • Stay on-topic!
  • Offer help and criticism where needed!
  • Enjoy the forum!

Your New Best Friend!

Image Search!

9/10 Questions that new users ask here, have already been answered. Usually several times. If you have a query, search the site first. Use Google if necessary, as well. If you don't succeed, feel free to post a topic in a relevant discussion forum.

The Report Button
Do not abuse the report button.
If a topic is bumped, or a rule is broken, report it. There is no need to post (That includes "Nice bump" or "Reported"), as that is just contributing to the problem.

On Avatars and Signatures:

Animated signatures and avatars are not allowed.

Signature images are limited to 500 pixels in width and 120 pixels in height.
If you use a signature image, regardless of dimensions, you may only have up to 3 lines of text above or below the image.
If you do not use a signature image, you may have up to 5 lines of text.
The maximum filesize for a signature image is 75KB.
The text rules are based upon a resolution of 1024x768. It is your responsibility to ensure the text in your signature fits within the rules at this resolution. If you do not, your signature may be removed without warning.
Large text may be used sparingly. If misused, text will be removed by the staff using good judgement.

Avatars are limited to 80 pixels in width and 80 pixels in height.

Avatars are limited to 10KB or smaller.
Avatars may not impersonate Staff, Ranks or Emblems.
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